The government is likely to push ahead with its plans their overhaul of the private rented sector (as if they have not introduced enough lately), after the Conservative party won a majority in the general election of December 2019. The government&... read more »
Economic analysis shows abolition of Section 21 would devastate PRS | National Landlords Association   Quite a damning report released by the NLA puts the governments idea to scrap section 21 notices into question ;     https:... read more »
The Office of National Statistics has released the English Housing Survey 17/18, and the findings show the vast majority of private renters are satisfied with their accommodation, which is contrary to negative press and TV reports, who seem to be int... read more »
Just wanted to share this interesting report from landlord zone, as it pretty much mirrors our view here at Letsafe, have a read !
Some positive changes announced by government for landlord who let lower market properties to UC tenants..  apparently housing element of the claim will be paid straight to landlords from the outset soon, some landlords have suffered since the t... read more »
We are delighted to confirm we are now open at our new Property Management Centre - 57 Park View, Whitley Bay !..  After a long refurbishment programme we think the new office looks great and hope you do to !!   If you're a landlord looking... read more »
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