Report a Maintenance Issue

The vast majority of property issues can wait to be reported until the next business day, which does not waste unnecessary out of hours costly call out expenses placed on your landlord. Please only use Letsafe maintenance reporting for properties managed by us.


At any time, in case of a genuine emergency, the following numbers may be useful;


Gas leak - 0800 111 999


Electric power cut – 105


Mains water leak – 0800393084 or 03457171100


Fire Service & Police - 999


Break – ins (non emergency) 101


Lost Keys :  Due to new government legislation we no longer provide a chargeable call out service for tenants locked out due to lost keys.  Please be diligent and careful with your keys, ensure you obtain a second set and keep them safe with a relative or someone you trust.. Should you become locked out of your property due to misadventure or accident (and have not kept an accessible spare set), please be advised that you will need to contact a locksmith and pay for their services.  You require express permission in writing from ourselves or your landlord to change locks, and must provide us with 2 copies of any new keys within 24 hours of changing locks.  


Response Times : Please note we endeavour to address general maintenance issues as soon as possible, and emergency issues within 24 hours.

We will always request contractors contact you direct to arrange access when reported via this page, by doing so you agree to this procedure and your contact details provided being passed to the contractor. We do not release keys to contractors without your consent, but in the event you report an emergency we reserve the right to access the property without your consent for yours, and the landlords property protection.


You must not instruct contractors yourself to undertake repairs, if you do so you will be liable for payment to the contractor for any works you arrange.  Anything reported outside of the landlord responsibilities specified under the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 will be evaluated, and if deemed non-emergency, will be dealt with during normal business hours, where they will not incur an out of hours surcharge from a contractor.  




We wish to minimize contractor visit to your property for your protection, contractors who are undertaking multiple property visits daily are naturally a higher risk visitor to your property, despite taking precautions themselves. 


We recommend tenants request only essential maintenance callouts at the moment.  Non-urgent maintenance can still be reported and we will contact you as soon as this work can be undertaken at a time when it is deemed safe for you and the tradesmen.   If you are unsure whether maintenance should be completed now or later please contact our office for advice. 


When possible, we will endeavor to attend to urgent maintenance in the usual manner, but due to limitations placed on resources, and personnel during this emergency, there may be situations when initial contact needs to be made by telephone or video link in order to assess the report in more detail, tradesmen will take their own precautions and advise you directly on attendance. For example, the following list of works would be considered urgent:


·      Major flooding

·      Unsafe electrical installations, or loss of power

·      Gas leak, boiler failure, loss of heat or hot water

·      Roof leaks resulting in serious internal flooding

·      Plumbing leaks which cannot be contained or will cause damage to property

·      External doors/window issues presenting an immediate security risk

·      Failure of a fire alarm system, or fire doors not closing

·      Sole w.c. not flushing 


You must follow sensible precautions to keep yourself safe when contractors or others are visiting your property, as outlined in public health guidance. 

Detailed government guidance can be found on the following link we recommend tenants review this information on a regular basis for updates ;

Where an issue is critical to your health and safety (see above), we strongly advise you take additional measures such as remaining in separate rooms during any visits and following Government advice on hygiene and cleanliness before, during and after visits.

You do not need to have direct contact with anyone visiting your property to carry out repairs.


Annual safety inspections, for example gas safety certification visits, are required to be still undertaken as normal, the guidance contained in this document should be followed.


Please advise our office by email ( before any contractors visit your home if you or any members of your family are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19. 



Data Protection Notice ; 

By reporting maintenance via this website, you consent for your contact information provided to be forwarded onto a third party contractor to contact you direct to arrange access to your property. 







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