Report a Maintenance Issue

The vast majority of property issues can wait to be reported until the next business day, which does not waste unnecessary out of hours costly call out expenses placed on your landlord. Please only use Letsafe maintenance reporting for properties managed by us.


At any time, in case of a genuine emergency, the following numbers may be useful;


Gas leak - 0800 111 999


Electric power cut – 105


Mains water leak – 0800393084 or 03457171100


Fire Service & Police - 999


Break – ins (non emergency) 101


Lost Keys :  Due to new government legislation we no longer provide a call out service for tenants locked out due to lost keys.  Please be diligent and careful with your keys. Should you become locked out of your property due to misadventure or accident, please be advised that you will need to contact a locksmith and pay for their services.  You require express permission in writing from ourselves or your landlord to change locks, and must provide us with 2 copies of any new keys within 24 hours of changing locks.  


Please note we endeavour to address general maintenance issues as soon as possible, and emergency issues within 24 hours. We will always request contractors contact you direct to arrange access when reported via this page, by doing so you agree to this procedure. We do not release keys to contractors without your consent, but in the event you report an emergency we reserve the right to access the property without your consent for yours, and the landlords property protection.


You must not instruct contractors yourself to undertake repairs, if you do so you will be liable for payment to the contractor for any works you arrange.  Anything reported outside of the landlord responsibilities specified under the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 will be evaluated, and if deemed non-emergency, will be dealt with during normal business hours, where they will not incur an out of hours surcharge from a contractor.  



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